Unsere Aktion zum GivingTuesday

Our teams, globally, will be working alongside villagers who want to end their own extreme poverty. By coaching, and offering a hand-up, villagers become self-sustaining in just five years time. Our teams work with villagers helping them to find solutions to the five key issues keeping them from rising out of cyclical, extreme poverty. These five keys are 1) access to clean water; 2) access to renewable and nutritious food; 3) wellness habits that prevent common diseases; 4) access to education for all children and 5) income generating sources for families. Once these five keys have been resolved, communities begin to build on this strong foundation. Our staff working in the US and across Europe will also be serving both locally and globally, helping those who are most in need to rise up. Your participation is greatly encouraged! Serve and/or Give! A generous heart is a joy-filled heart!

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Global Hope Network International works to end extreme poverty across Africa, Asia and the Middle East through the empowerment of those living it to end it themselves.

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