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Have you ever noticed that industrial chocolates taste the same? And did you know that most of the chocolate we consume from Peru is produced with only one type of cacao, even though Peru is recognized as a megadiverse country and the center of origin of the cacao itself? Our precious cacao diversity in the Amazon is in danger. We can change this together! Choba Choba Foundation & APPCACAO are working to preserve the cacao diversity in the Huayabamba – a region in the Peruvian Amazon, where 3000 small-scale-farmers live and hopefully can benefit long-term from this research work. By the end of 2023, the project aims:

  • Conservation: a representative selection of the cacao genetic diversity in the Huayabamba valley is preserved & centralized in a conservation garden (80-100 cacao accessions)
  • R&D: Elite Trees are selected & planted in a clonal garden (5-10)

Below is the link to the Project Proposal incl. a video. Donations are very welcome!

“The path is the goal.» – Mahatma Ghandi

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Choba Choba Foundation co-creates hands-on solutions for small-scale-cacao-farmers in the Peruvian Amazon to thrive as professional entrepreneurs and preserve their natural ecosystems. Core Strategic Focus: Professional Agroecology; Nature Conservation: Cacao Diversity, Rainforest Protection

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